3rd Party Mixers with SC6000

The DB4 is far more superior for sound quality, is it not?


It’s hard for me to judge because I only know the DB4 among the digital mixers.

But I’ve read and heard a lot about the X1850 (and the X1800 after the last update) being damn good too. But admittedly: that’s just hearsay, I’ve never been able to compare personally.

There is pretty cool stuff and features packed in the mixer. If the units work hassle free and no problems occur, it is damn good. Unfortunately, too many x1800s are affected by issues and poor quality, which is incomprehensible, because externally the devices are built like a tank, but this does not apply to the built-in faders & pots. It looks like that newer batches are more affected than older ones. Here on the forum are several users who have older X1800, who had never to deal with any issues.

For Studio, Home or bedroom use, weddings or so on, you can go for it. We won’t recommend pro stage use of the X1800 at huge events, where large scale pa systems like l’acoustics are run, many rotating djs use the mixer etc. The sound is not punchy enough compared to A&H or Pioneer. On pro stages reliable units are needed. We run into many hardware issues, mainly with bad Faders, Pots, ghost Audio etc., so we had to exchange the units several times.


Thanks, that was the last little “nudge” I needed to keep the DB4.

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for sure, it has more punchy, crisp sound. Personally I prefer / love the xone:96

If you already own the db4, keep it or consider to buy the X1850.

Is the 1850 that much better than the 1800?

we don’t have an X1850 but so far heard nothing negative about it. This question can be better answered by someone who already owns an X1850

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