3rd Broken Denon Prime 4 unit with bad defective Jogs

I bought a Denon Prime 4 during launch which ended up getting returned because the left deck volume was way lower than the right side. I figured maybe just a bad first batch and decided to wait a couple months to re-purchase the unit because I loved the features. Fast forward about a year and re-purchased the Prime 4 only to find out that the left jog wheel is unresponsive and freezes. The unit would have to be restarted every time in order for the unit to work. The unit had updated firmware and everything but still broken. I had the chance to return it to the retailer originally but decided to go through Denon DJ. After contacting Denon DJ my representative Lewis Davis was really helpful and provided the best customer service that I’ve experienced in a long time. He sent a brand new replacement unit to me the next day while they waited for me to ship the defective unit back. Not even after two (2) days after receiving the brand new replacement unit the right jog wheel stopped responding. Doesn’t respond at all forward or backward. Again, firmware updated, plastic off the jogwheels and everything. This is the 3rd BROKEN unit that I’ve received. I really want to stick with Denon because of the creativity of their products but I just can’t rely on a product that will crap out in the middle of a gig. Not cool at all. For the amount of money spent in a Prime 4 we should not have to go through this nightmare. Broken and completely unreliable. I sent Denon DJ an email yesterday so I’m just waiting to hear back from them. I called the original retailer and they told me since I went through Denon DJ’s warranty it voids their return policy so now I’m screwed $1799 out of my pocket and waiting to hear how long Denon DJ will take to refund my money back. I should’ve returned this to the original retailer when I had the chance. Anyone else have issues with this unit?

Err how? In fact, your not. You’ve paid for a thing and you’ve got that thing.

You’ve been unlucky, that’s all. and not even the same fault or type of fault on each of your prime 4s.

Could’ve been a bad batch or anything but not representative of what everyone else with a prime 4 has.

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Bad batch? After three (3) defective units?? C’mon man let’s be real. You must work for Denon DJ or something… Lol! Do you see all the Prime 4 issues all over the internet? Especially with the jog wheel incident? No one should have to go through this three (3) times after spending this much money on “pro grade“ equipment. Google it yourself and do your own research and you’ll see all the issues with the Prime 4.

It’s cheap for a smart console. Its more expensive than a just midi controller but it’s a smart console so it will be more. Like a steak at a London restaurant costs more than a burger van burger.

Google anything, any brand, any model, the internet will be a pretty little menagerie of faults on everything, everything from teaspoons to Tesla cars pioneers to Parker pens. When people are satisfied with something they rarely go out of their way to say it. When they’ve been unlucky, and that’s all it is, unlucky, with anything, they put pen to paper, thumbs to smartphone, mouse to mousepad and go for it online.

When the weekends over contact denon service and follow their lead.

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I have had my Prime 4 for almost 9 months already and zero problems and even with more than 324 hours of activity! Did you use your Prime 4 with an internal SSD or externally or only with a USB key and that it was the brand used for these different media ??? Have you tested your files to see if it was from one or more corrupted files?

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When I’m satisfied about a product I will give an honest review of how great the product is. When I receive three (3) defective units back to back I will also give an honest review of how bad the product is. My bad mr. money man, I guess $1799 is chump change to you but for me that’s a lot of money for a premium standalone controller. So let’s just agree to disagree.

Couldn’t agree more !!

If only people could spend ten bucks more and buy the Prime 4 “gold Sticker” edition, which never ever go wrong.