25 days since prime 4 beta release

sooooo… I’m not one to usually complain… but when Denon said Sc5000 beta coming very shortly… 25 days is pretty “short” don’t you think? and still nothing in sight :frowning:

In some earlier post, they said that they expected the Beta to run for 2 to 4 weeks… So there is still some days left… But who knows, it might take longer.

really? didn’t see that post… would you or anyone have the link to it?

The quote was:

So Sorry, I forgot ‘ideally’… :frowning:

no need to apologize mate :wink: thanks much appreciated!

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My head spins a bit:

  • Topic posted in Prime general.
  • Talking about SC5000 beta.
  • Topic subject is Prime4 beta.

So what is it? :sunglasses:

Without knowing for sure, I guess he is asking for when we could expect to see the next update to SC5000s.

Thats how I read it, since he is mentioning those units.

But thats just my guess :slightly_smiling_face:

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My 2 cents on this subject is that Denon is using the somewhat low number of Prime 4 units in the wild for a test run of the streaming feature. I may be wrong, but I believe they sold way more units of SC5000 and SC5000M. Since they are giving 3 months of free Tidal subscription access with the Prime 4 Beta (and promised the same for the SCs), maybe it’s a matter of cash flow now and they will eventually keep the promise.

I think you might get 2 cents change too. So many guesses, like cash flow and timings. But then, guessing is all we can do until the exact day of the next firmware release. I hope that denon don’t simply make the 5000 streaming beta test just tidal again. There’s supposed to be five other streaming services about to be offered to Prime units so it would be sensible to let the 5000 Prime user test one of the other 5 streaming services, rather than just testing tidal twice

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