2 sc-5000 cant link with other

Hello, I have 2 sc5000 drives, lad I connect through the port link to each other directly, I put a usb stick in the back of the “A” drive but I can not see the pendrive in the “B”

how many tracks are on the drive? and have you analysed the files in Engine Prime ?

Yes , i have Engine prime on Mac OS Sierra 10.12.6, 16 GB RAM, ssd 512 Crucial.

Only create a Playlist with 30 tracks, You can give me permissionsto upload images ?

Is a folder with only 33 tracks, use mac os saw 10.12.6 with engine prime.

The tracks analyze them on the computer, then I made the create and playlist on the pendrive, wait for it to export and eject the disk, then I put it on the sc5000.

On the sc5000 unit did not appear the playlist and could not link with the other.

They could give me permission to upload photos and show the problem

Have you tried with another storage device (USB thumbdrive or SD card)? Is the portable storage device formatted appropriately (Ex Fat or MS FAT - MBR)? Have you tried both the front and rear USB ports of the SC5000?

How did you format the external drive (ex: ExFat, Fat32, etc.)?