2 questions about the 5000

Hey guys, long time Pioneer 2000, NXS and NXS2 owner here looking into the SC5000 which I am LOVING so far, Just had a few questions I was hoping you could answer being these aren’t int he wild yet to test for myself

  1. I notice once we are in a playlist the tracks are on the right side of the scree, Can we make it so the whole screen shows the tracks a little larger, I feel half the screen is being wasted and the track name and info is small.

  2. How is the search feature, I know on the NXS2 they can finally multi word search and it doesn’t have to be in order and the older denon units could not do this either, For example if I wanted to find the track Glad You Came - The Wanted, I can simply type "“glad wanted” and the track will pop up. Some decks you cannot do this and actually have to type the exact words in the exact order of the title - asrtist

thanks guys and great Jon on the 5000

Long time no see.

For your first question, I recall being able to zoom in/out of a wave form displayed on the screen. It’s the same method a person would use on an iPhone (using two fingers to squeeze/expand the screen info). I wonder if that would also be available for what you are asking. I know that Denon plans to have regular updates for the deck, so if that option is not available now, they could possibly add it later. Adding a button/icon to a smaller section displayed on the screen to make it go full screen doesn’t seem like something that can’t be accomplished… but the guys over at Denon/In-music would be better able to answer that.

Second question, I do know that if you hold your finger on the track you want info on, it will open up and show you all the meta data available for that particular track.You can also further refine your initial search results with a range of filters like Genre, Album, Key, Artist and BPM (like a sub search). As for typing in two words that are not in order, good question. Don’t know. DJ_Boothe?

Ok, I just saw this in the Laidback Luke video.

And then the screen went back to the 1/2 size. As you can see he’s in the same folder for the second and third pic.

If I had to guess, maybe he pushed the folder icon a second time to make that folder go full screen, and again to reduce it. ?

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sounds good, thanks Double_A, loving these players, may bring me back, lol