2 new effects for Prime 4

When are these effects coming to Prime 4?

Two brand new BPM FX: Echohold and Pumper


Where are you seeing that?

Probably from the X1800 v1.3 release.

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I for one would welcome any new effects since ours are quite gash.

X1800 v1.3 release. Actually it should include the following as well since the Prime 4 has a X1800 builtin:

X1800 PRIME Version 1.3.0

New Features:

  • Added New BPM FX: ECHOHOLD

  • Added New BPM FX: PUMPER

  • Added FX Limiter to Utility Menu

  • Added Gate + Noise (left turn) FX for ‘NOISE’ Sweep FX


  • Fixed ‘NOISE’ FX pop sound when crossing center position
  • Changed ‘REVERB’ FX early delay time
  • Improved fader response when moving the fader slowly
  • Improved ‘GATE’ FX
  • Improved ‘ECHO’ FX
  • Improved ‘PHASER’ FX
  • Improved ‘REVERB’ FX
  • Improved ‘HALLECHO’ FX
  • Changed PHASER maximum dry-wet level
  • Changed FLANGER maximum dry-wet level
  • Changed FX Frequency routing for ECHO/REVERB/HALLECHO from pre to post
  • Changed FX Frequency cutoff frequency from 60Hz/16KHz to 80Hz/10kHz
  • Changed FX Frequency dry-wet curve
  • Changed ‘BIT CRUSH’ FX default bit depth to 16bit
  • Adjusted FX Limiter threshold
  • Ignored FX Limiter input less than 0dB
  • Adjusted FX Limiter release rate to be faster
  • Reduced ‘FILTER’ BPM FX resonance
  • Improved ‘DUB ECHO’ and ‘GATE’ FX DSP performance
  • Improved ‘DUB ECHO’ FX and FX Limiter DSP performance

It has parts of an X1800. Some things will transfer to the Prime4, but not all. That it “should” is an opinion.

Since the Prime 4 has a X1800 mixer, most “should” transfer and hopefully they do. Most people would conclude that.

It has not. It shares the philosophy, components and parts of an X1800. The PCB is not the same.

The Prime 4 needs these improvements badly


What does the “echo hold” actually do?

This effect applies an echo that, when the FX Amount knob is turned clockwise past the center point, hold repeats on the last echo. Turning the FX Amount Knob back counter-clockwise past the center point removes the echo hold.


Cheers fellah

It is an Echo loop that was already on older denon players and x1500 mixer - great effect. Loops the tail of the echo.

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