2 Faulty mixers with bad pots

Hi everyone, just a little bit frustrated regarding the X1800 mixer. i bought mine last November 2019 and it lasted just over a month, i had problems with the low pots which had a lot of movement in the stem on channel 1 & 2 which was replaced by the dealer. so i have had the 2nd one from December and now this one has a developed a tight grinding on the sweeping FX Pot on channel 2. and needs to go back to dealer, i like to know if anyone else has had this issue? i have lost a little faith in the mixer, Ok possibly a faulty batch been sent to the dealer. but i am now going to be without a mixer for sometime.

I replied to a similar post somewhere else on the forum regarding this.

The Filter sweep knob on channel 2 of my 1800 is the exact same, initially given the current circumstances that we are facing i was not going to do anything about it, but i don’t think it’s going to get any better 8) and given the money i spent on the gear i should expect better.

Now here is the rub for me, i live in Ireland, and every time i try and submit a request on the support forum it continually asks me for a ‘STATE’ in the address and will not let me procede.

I would dearly love to get some human support regarding this as the store that i purchased them from is over 2 hours travel from me - which i can’t do given the current lockdown restrictions that we are facing in this country.

So being a bit selfish, but any help that can be offered would be greatly appreciated.

Hi Revan,

That is weird it being the same pot, as it is not like the other sweep FX pots don’t get used. As I say this is the 2nd mixer i have had and the last one had issues with the Low pots. How old is your mixer? As my first was just over a month and the second from December. It would be nice if someone from Denon can help out as if I have to wait for a long time for this to get sorted. I like the mixer and hope to think I have been unlucky. But I don’t want to weeks without a mixer after spending out for 2 sc5000m and the x1800.

My Prime 4 fx pot went faulty after about 30 minutes from brand new .im getting a brand new replacement prime 4 sent out as we speak . It felt rough , then a bit wobbly.

Glad that’s being sorted for you Dogsella.

I still cannot file a warranty claim as the website insists on me putting in a ‘State’ as part of my address and will not let me finalise it.

Hi Dogsella, glad you are getting your sorted and that was the issue with the first mixer i had wobbly and 2 nd mixer had the rough dried out feel. i have sent mine back to retailer and will not replace it after 4 months old. and it seems like they have sent it to Denon, hopefully i will get a replacement asi have lost faith in that mixer. Revan the support page i get is this one is it the same as you? Revan, you need to change country first then put region, hope this helps. https://www.denondj.com/support and the europe address is here: Denon DJ Europe Unit 3, Nexus Park Lysons Avenue Ash Vale Hampshire GU12 5QE United Kingdom Tel: +44 (0) 1252 896040