2.5ms wireless Transmitters!

I am experimenting with wireless transmitters to go between the Denon Prime Go and a battery Bose S1 Pro powered speaker. Check out this video…

  1. I have not tested the range

  2. Price is about $50 a pair

  3. I later found out that it includes a dual headed Micro USB cable in the box.

  4. If anyone has any suggestions on gain staging, please let me know!

  5. Attached is a picture of the original signal and what it looks like after being transmitted


Thanks for putting these up.

I’ve tried a few wireless “solutions” in the past and ended up giving up. Often good signal between the transmitter and receiver are great with no-one around, but as soon as the pesky Karen’s and Keith’s of the world start standing, walking or dancing in the line of sight between the TX and the RX then the signal has to hope for reflected, rather than direct signal.

Since reflected signals have to travel greater distances that direct, as they’re bouncing off of the walls, ceiling etc, their 50m range in used up “in the bounce” , reducing the range badly.

Longer antenna on both the TX and RX units can help see around obstacles, but these pocket devices don’t appear to have any antenna, unless they use the usb lead you mentioned as a combined charger/antenna lead.

I might consider these for cordless headphone adaptation, although I doubt headphones put out enough signal to work these, but id be reluctant to use these for main audio

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Any brand/name? The picture is very blurry… :confused:

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I have these. Haven’t tested with people yet though. I think this was used in a photo with Denon DJ hosting Digital DJ Tips and a host of others. On the night time they used the go and passed it around.

Yeah, I have a couple of those and they work ok in the house. Not tried them out and about as yet.

They look very similar to the Getaria transmitters here

Be interested to see some more results on this as i am considering purchasing the Go and 2 Behringer MPA2000 BT speakers so i can mess about in the garden and these little TX/RX dongles appear to work quite well.

Something else perhaps worth considering is the SKAA wireless audio standard. This Crossfader video shows a new lower latency Akiko Pro transmitter working to transmit the mains and headphone out from the Prime Go: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zRN7aHqTijI

It’s fairly pricey as each transmitter runs $80-$100, and that doesn’t include a receiver. Some Soundboks PA speakers have built-in SKAA receivers though, as do some headphones.

Other SKAA products are listed here: https://skaa.com/hear/


In the UK https://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/product/B089W449Z3/ref=ox_sc_saved_title_1?smid=AYD48U20RPEWO&psc=1

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Latency looks good on those ones, as does the range and battery life, always a bit cautious when there are no user reviews to help you try and read between the lines.

I understand the issue with latency for all you real DJs on the boards [i’m just an enthusiast] and why it’s not really an option at the moment, and i guess that’s why there has been little mention of using Bluetooth headphones which is something that i was considering for my setup in my cave.

Yeah the latency w/ bluetooth headphones will drive you crazy. I don’t think you even have to be a “real” DJ for that to be true, though — just pressing the cue button or starting a track will throw you off.


In terms of ‘time’ how long has the latency issue been a no goer with DJ’s for BT headphones and other accessories, has it improved recently - clearly there is a lot of advancing technology and i would have ‘i guess’ been ignorant and thought that this would not have been an issue or at least would have been addressed.

Bluetooth yes, latency is an issue.

Other wireless technologies not so much, us sound engineers have been using wireless with minimal latency for years, wireless mics, guitar/instrument solutions etc. There’s no reason the same technology can’t be applied to DJ’s and DJ equipment.


This vid is a decent dive into using SKAA on DJ gear, including a wireless speaker and headphones, with a prime go. It’s paints a compelling vision of the (near) future

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