1850 Prime Mixer Problem-Please help

Hi All, I have been trying to update from 1.2 to 1.3 since last night, but kept running into problems, so after spending hours, I finally just gave up. So I was just going to use 1.2. However, now the mixer appears to be unusable. All lights starting in the top left hand corner of the mixer to the bottom right hand corner of the mixer are just continually blinking. So now I can’t use the mixer at all. Anybody have any idea what is going on, and how to fix it? Thanks for your help! Scott

Hey Scott,

Try calling/contacting Denon Support.

Frankly I don’t understand why these units have so much trouble with updates. It’s rather disappointing and the lack of official support here is also.

If you don’t have luck with support, go return the unit and get another one.


All is not lost as you can still get into fw update mode.

Disable your screen saver and sleep mode on your computer. Then try running the update again following the instructions from the installer. It took me 3 tries the last time.

I can confirm. Sometimes another USB port works or during the update simply reseat the USB. As long as the mixer is in “update receiving”, it can complete it.

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Thank you for your suggestions Wyley1 and Reese, I really appreciate it! However, after trying your suggestions, the update still didn’t work for me. No matter what I do, I always end up with this same message, in the bottom left hand corner of my computer screen in a black box. It says Denon DJ 1850 Prime Firmware Updater. Please wait while the update installs this may take several minutes. The device will reset on its own when complete. After the device has reset, press the “Next” button in this application window. However, the device never resets. So I can’t ever go any further. Just as an fyi the mixer says Update Data Receiving. Any idea why the mixer never resets itself? Also, just as an fyi (in case it makes a difference), I am trying to do this update on Mac OS Catalina Version 10.15.6 Thanks, Scott

When the mixer is in “Update Data Receiving” mode and the application does nothing, please try and reseat the USB port on the mixer (or on the computer side or change to another port on your Macbook).

Perhaps in that “Update” mode, restart the update application and see if that finishes.

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You can try this and see.

Turn off your mixer.

Launch the updater on you computer and follow the instructions.

Reese, How do you reset the USB port on the mixer?

Not reset, but reseat/re-seat, so take cable out and put it back in :wink: while in Update mode.

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Oh okay thanks for the clarification :grinning: