1850 Prime Mixer Firmware Update

Hi All, I am trying to update the firmware on the 1850 from 1.2 to 1.3, and I am not having any luck doing it. The initial download works fine and takes about 7 min’s. However, after that a message pops up on my computer screen that says please wait while the update installs. This may take several minutes. The device will reset on its own when complete. After the device has reset, press the next button in this application window. However the device never resets (at least in several minutes), and last night and today I gave it about an hour (and it still doesn’t reset). Anybody else had this similar problem? And does anybody know how long it actually takes for the mixer to reset (i,e. is it actually several minutes, or does it take longer than that, and if so, how long? Thanks, Scott

I had this exact problem over and over, I used a different computer and it ran through fine in about 5 mins.

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