10 Days of Prime 4 ... first Problems

Bought my new Prime 4 10 Days ago with 1.32fw onboard. This is my 1st Denon Product… I sayid Wow ! Unpacked and put it on the table. I set up my preferences, saved and updated to 1.41. Everything was fine. Left my Prime 4 on the table. 1ST Problem Next day I switched it on and the left jog wheel display didn’t switch it on. I tried so many times to switch on/off the Prime 4 and popped up the message “the following peripheral did non come online … left display”. Downgraded to 1.32 and the same problem. Upgraded to 1.33 and again the same problem…then back again to 1.41 and nothing changed… so I tried tapping lightly with my finger in between the space of the vinyl button and the Jog left display switched on… I thought “Bah ! Probably because it’s new” and I thought again it was a bug and so OK… so…I moved the prime 4 in the brand new UDG Flight case and then I switched it on … the left display didn’t work AGAIN …you tap it and maybe it works maybe not… who knows…

2ND Problem When God leaves your left display working the RGB LEDs Lights of the right Jog Wheel (the crown) doesn’t change color and stays in White … even if you go to the utility menu and change the preferences to change color your Crown LED stays white while all the buttons of the deck change color…

So please tell me what Can I do. I’ve just spended 1800€ for my new gear and it was the last one available on the store. I am going to take it back to the shop tomorrow… if they send it back to Denon I would have to wait at least 2/3 weeks …I have 4 concerts coming this weekend and a brand new system that is unstable. I don’t know what to do… I hope the shop would change my system with another new Prime 4 but I don’t know where they can find one available… I don’t know … it’s really frustrating… @DenonDJ_Support_DE Tell me how this could be a good customer experience :sob: It’s like buying a new Mercedes and the electric window button doesn’t work…

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Hi @Paul_Bryan - Sorry to hear your first experience with one of products has been subpar. The PRIME 4 is a very capable and stable machine but unfortunately, it appears as you may have received a unit exhibiting a hardware defect.

At this point you’re still within the dealer return period and covered under our manufactures warranty so, you’ve got some options to get this sorted out.

If the shop has units available and is willing to replace it on the spot that may be your fastest turnaround otherwise we can get you setup with warranty service. Since you just purchased the unit, I’ll ensure your case is expedited to make this as painless as possible.

Just let me know how you’d like to proceed and we’ll work with you to turn this experience around.

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Thanks for the reply @JWiLL Tomorrow I’m going to the shop in Italy where I bought it in … ESSEMUSIC STORE We’ll see what they do … I Hope they will change mine but I phoned them today and it seems they don’t have others … I’ll keep you updated here…

Ok keep us posted here. We’ll be ready to assist!

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Thank you for replying me at this time, you are really professional. The only problem I have is the Time. Please check in advance with the store Distributor what you could do. If the shop has one no problem

Were you planning on using the Prime 4 you just purchased at the concert?

You are very brave.

Personally, I wouldn’t take out a brand new gear and system until I know the ins and outs. Usually after 3-4 weeks of using it in my home studio. Imagine if this had happened at your concerts, you will be shitting bricks.

I hope you get sorted soon.


I agree, but when you spend that amount of money to buy a new gear you don’t have to find issues…

Hi, I also bought it from ESSEMUSIC STORE, in late November, after 2 days of the same problem as you. They told me that as soon as the ordered units arrive they replace it with a new one, but at the moment (called 2 days ago) it seems that they have problems getting them to the store. I know, the thing is very frustrating after the shopping done. If you want, we exchange phone numbers and keep in touch. The first who knows something warns the other.

Denon help us too to solve our problem. Thanks

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2 Prime 4 … same store … same problems… sounds weird. I write you in direct

That’s a lovely way of looking at things but even the most carefully made things can have the safest journeys for thousands of miles, then get knocked and bumped around in the last few meters to you dealers door. Some couriers just seem to treat everything like it’s a sack of potatoes


Ha! That’s true I agree with you. Anyway I ensure you the shipping to the shop was perfect. But try to think about carrying around your wheeled flight case … how vibrations of the street could affect the machine ?

In my experience owners of tech gear obviously know what they’re moving around and know they’ll rely on everything working when they get to their gig. But the haulage company don’t. To them it’s just 8 boxes to be dropped off at place 5 then make 37 other drop offs.

The worst thing is, apart from some online video clips of haulage firms kicking and throwing the boxes around their depots and trailers and trucks, we the public rarely get to see any of it happen.

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Hey @JWiLL , what’s up? I’ve taken the Prime 4 to the shop today. The don’t have other Prime 4 available. They writed an email to your distributor (M.P.I. Electronic srl) to ask what to do. Please can you take the case as Urgent and talk with MPI ? Thank you Paul

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I fully understand how you feel and I hope you get sorted soon.

I’ve been buying gear for more than a decade now. It’s just a shame to see quality control slowly taking a back seat the last few years. It’s like gear get released without any real world testing. Customers are now beta testers, then they take everything back and release the new and shiny, expecting us to pay again.

Fool me once …

Just my thoughts.


Hi @Paul_Bryan - please send me a PM with your contact information and I will have one of my support agents in your region reach out.

@mufasa - your feedback has been noted but contrary to your comment, we do in fact real world test products before they are released to market. We also recently increased the size of this test pool to help further improve that process.

We ship 10’s of thousands of products globally and our defect rate is very low. Please trust we take the appropriate steps to deliver quality products to our customers and if one bad egg still slips through the cracks, we’ll be there to help provide a resolution as fast as possible.

Again, thank you for your feedback and your contributions to this community. We appreciate you!


Yeah man it’s frustrating in all the ways… I mean … I am a person who understands problem can happen… but I need an effective and fast switch with another new Prime 4 by Denon The shop hasn’t anyone. In this case I think the problem is not Denon. I think the problem is the Distributor that doesn’t give any effective answer to the shop who had ordered 10 more than 2 months ago… that’s the real problem Denon has.

I am a touring Dj, I have 4 consecutive gigs starting from tomorrow and I have to ask other Deejays I know to lend me their gear to play. Can you immagine? You would say: “don’t you have other staff to play?”

The answer would be: when I saw the New Denon Prime series I felt in love with them, I sold every Pioneer gear I had. Denon is futuristic, is more in advance with the technology, is the new Deejay experience of the future… so I wanted to try diving in my new Denon Marriage

Well I don’t still know if I made a mistake. JWill answered me here in the forum really soon, but the shop still waits for a Real Answer.

I give myself 5 days, no more, otherwise I will ask for a full refund and I would chose “another wife” Hope not

Your real world testing never picked up the VL12 pitch issue, the MCX8000 freezing screens, the SC5000 roll off or black screens or the Prime 4 mic problem.

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Done in PM, thank you


I happy to hear that and PS that wasn’t directed to any particular brand. Pioneer had to recall their SX3 and Rane their Twelves.

But you gotta admit its a potential unpleasant experience when you are the unlucky one to get the troublesome unit.

My experience with the MCX8000 was quite unpleasant. 7 months into ownership. It crapped out mid gig at a day party. Prior to that I will buy stuff and have never had to return anything for for warranty repairs. Guess I was just lucky up to that point or things were built better prior.

I’m happy to be here to contribute as always and I hope my general vibe is not all critical of you guys.

Let’s make Denon great again :grimacing:

FWIW I had to return a SC5000 for a wonky jog wheel and I got a new unit sent in. Whole thing took 5 days or so. And this was via the online dealer BopDJ.

Most of the things you’ve referenced did not affect all units. Once they they were identified in the field, the customers were assisted as quickly as possible. The high end roll off was not a hardware defect. It was just the way we initially processed the audio. We greatly improved that behavior along with hundreds of other improvements with continued firmware updates.

The same is true with the microphones on the PRIME 4. This issue does not affect all users. If you hold the mic correctly there is no problem at all. The built in Gate we have in place to filter out unwanted audio when not speaking, is currently set too high. We have acknowledged this and intend to give the user full control over the gate in a forthcoming update.

That said, there’s always room for improvement. Which is why I mentioned above that we recently increased the size of our hardware test team.

We’re extremely committed to our products and customer experience.