1 Beat remains sounding as a loop when STOP is done

Hello, when I stop the MCX8000 in autonomous mode, 1 beat remains sounding as a loop, the solution is to give it CUE but that way I cannot stop the track by slowing down little by little, for example with the equipment option

I have looked at all the options and I do not see anything about it, this happens to me suddenly, it has been working for years without problems

Do you know why this happens? Thank you for reading

Hola, cuando le doy stop en modo autónomo a MCX8000 se queda sonando 1 beat como loop, la solución es darle CUE pero de esa forma no puedo parar el track frenando poco a poco por ejemplo con la opción del equipo

He mirado todas las opciones y no veo nada al respecto, esto me pasa de golpe, ha estado por años funcionando sin problemas

¿Sabes porque pasa esto? Gracias por leer

It’s because you are stopping the track in CDJ mode, turn Vinyl mode on before.

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