1.6 Dropbox Connected but Not Displaying Playlists?

Hi All

Upgraded Prime2 to 1.6 specifically for Dropbox integration (thanks Denon!)

Anyways… hit a hurdle – when I navigate to Dropbox>Playlists, nothing displaying? Empty.

Procedure: 1. Created 2 New Engine Playlists on Mac *2. Added 30 tracks to each playlist…all analysed by Engine * *3. Synced both playlists to Personal>Dropbox via Engine * 4. “Engine Library” folder created in my Dropbox successfully w/ the Music folder, user.profile & .db .db-journal files 5. In Prime2, set SD as source disc for Dropbox. Navaigate to Playlists – nothing. empty 6. In Prime2 navigate via the Dropbox file browser… can see all my files/music etc. Can even load to deck and play from here. 7. Goto Dropbox settings in Prime2 and "Fetch new DB"to see if that would add playlists… same dice, playlists empty *8. Pull my hair out!! :\ *

Anybody getting this weird behaviour also? REALLY want to utilise Dropbox as my “new tunes” solution but require browsing by Playlist


EDIT: erm… disregard above… all good

re-watched the youtube vid you guys posted outlining Dropbox setup and noticed I missed one step which obviously made a huge difference: I did not shut down Engine Prime after transferring playlists to Dropbox! Just deleted everything and started again from scratch, this time shutting down – all good!

in my defence, when i was a kid common comment across my school reports were: he needs to pay more attention. :\