1.6 Beta Stutters my Left Deck, even after Downgrading

I was giddy to try out the new Beta, so I updated firmware via USB and noticed after playing for a while that the Left Deck (both 1 and 3) have stutter issues, pausing the song.

Even after I downgraded my firmware back to the most recent stable build, the issue persists. I am playing all of my music off of my Internal WD Black 7200 RPM Hard Drive. The right deck plays just fine.

Here’s a Video of what I mean: https://share.icloud.com/photos/0pTa_MHNHsAC94b18fdtVxwpQ

Notice how the platter turns white when it pauses on screen.

If anyone can suggest what to do to troubleshoot this that would be excellent.

UPDATE: Well kids, when someone tells you “Have you tried turning it off and on again?”, they aren’t kidding. I managed to upgrade to the Beta build again and restarted my controller after booting it up and it works fine now. Gonna keep this thread up for anyone else that encounters the same issue. Mods, do as you please.

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