[1.6.1] Recording stopps

Does anyone had this issue since 1.6.1? The recording (tried different sticks and Prime 4 ports) stops and you get back to the “select stick for recording” window. It looks like the USB device does disconnect for a real short time and reconnect directly again.

Never had such a problem before and i can`t give more detailed information. Sometimes it records fine for a hour and next time it will stop after minutes.

Are any of the tracks that you’re trying to record, from a streaming source eg: Tidal?

Nopes, happened all during playing vinyl. No streaming services.

Well it is possible your USB memory is corrupt in some way. Tried reformating? Also, tried using another type of USB memory stick?

Seems all Prime players are pretty picky about which usb media will work good, especially if you are recording on the same.

Happend on three different sticks. And as i said: Not playing from them, just recording and never had a problem before.

I have the same problem, the recording stop. That was not happening with the Beta firmware ! only with the final release.

Denon is the baddest company for software.

Thanks for the feedback @Watc - i can`t remember if it happend with 1.6.0 (official) too, do you?

I can not say if it happened in 1.6.0, I only used beta firmware since I have the Prime 4. The recording stop with sometimes the message “USB device speed too slow” My USB key is not slow, never happened with the beta firmware before, with the same USB device.

Oh okay. I only had that when i played tracks from the same device. In my current case the stick got disconnected.