1.5.2 - Change Log?

“Miscellaneous fixes and stability improvements” :wink:

LOL well that explains everything! Try it and see, I guess. Here goes…

Of course i flashed it. No changes bout the internal version numbers of mixer, display e.g. i believe. Works as 1.5.1 did :wink:

They didn’t add Beatsource Link. Still can’t rate tracks. Still can’t create playlists on Beatport Link. Still can’t adjust the beatgrid timing (BPM). Still no level option or limiter on the record screen. Noise sweep FX still goes up in both directions. Tidal playlists are still alphabetical.


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If you read the “official changelog” you did not really expected changes like that, or? :wink:

Currently getting a 504 gateway timeout error on the firmware download :frowning:

Reaaallllly hoping they squashed the loop bug I found: https://denondjforum.com/t/loop-adjust-doesnt-work-with-1-5-1-on-sc5000/24638?u=drewbeck

It … does not. Still borked for me.

In such a short time between 1.5.1 and 1.5.2 they cannot have even fixed the things you say: for these (perhaps) you will have to wait at least until Christmas 2020 :joy: :crazy_face:

Anyway @Ciacomix is right: in the changelog it doesn’t talk about what you ask, so no new functions.

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I really didn’t expect everything to be fixed. This is Denon after all.

My list was a way of saying “so what did they fix?”.

They claim to have fixed something (more than one thing as fixes is plural) so…what, if not those things?

Peeps. I’m going to close this topic.

There were some minor core fixes needed after 1.5.1, so that’s why it was released. Nothing new compared to 1.5.1 and nothing a user would notice.