1.4. update has created problems, no reply from Denon support

hi, bought my sc5000m’S new in December (teaches me for not doing my research, i had no idea a sc6000m was about to get released). my players came with 1.2 firmware and all was sweet. But just 2 weeks ago i updated to 1.4 and now I’m having issues every-time i play. I have around 90 to 100 tracks on a corsair 3.0 usb (so not that many tracks compared to what i could have on the usb). now when i load a track, it can take between 20 to 30 seconds to load (it used to be 3 or 4 second with 1.2), sometimes the track dosen’t load at all and i have to repeat the load process until it works. Also when a track eventually loads it will play for 10 seconds then the audio from my previously loaded track will interrupt play as if I’m crossfading between the two, this repeats over and over even though the later track is no longer loaded. also if i try to use the needle drop search on a track the audio will skip to the previously loaded track. I have to manage all this crap before i can mix the new track into my live set. I emailed Denon support about this a while ago and have not had a reply. i’ve read Denon have poor support and poor quality control over their firmware updates, Now i am experiencing this first hand. I dont think a company can take the cash and ignore support calls and expect customer loyalty for very long. poor show denon.

Seems an odd problem, with any version of firmware. Not affecting everyone before or after upgrading firmware.

I’d try a different usb storage stick

Where have you got the Corsair plugged in on the 5000? Front? Back ?

Just but another usb 3.0 key and try…

Sounds like an issue with your stick rather than the player itself.

I’ve found Corsair to be rubbish sticks, Sandisk or Samsung are the only trustworthy ones in my opinion.

It’s your USB drive. I had the same problems and switched to a higher end SanDisk USB 3.1 drive. Problems went away immediately and others have reported the same. Yeah, it’s not great and I don’t know the root cause but try upgrading your storage devices before getting too cranky at Denon.

I too have noticed the track load time is drastically slower since moving to the latest firmware

My track load times are as fast as always, I’m running 1.4.1 Firmware - I only play wav files and the tracks load almost “instantly”. USB keys make a huge difference. I’m running ADATA 128Gb sticks (fast stick but not SSD-level). I would do the following: Update both players to 1.4.1; Format your stick, then test the surface for errors with any free tool; Install latest beta Engine Prime and rebuild your Stick.

Also remember that the front usb port on the 5000 is only for usb 2 sticks. Usb 3 sticks are for the rear ports only

thank you all for the suggestions, very much appreciated, i’ll work my way through the different suggestions and upgrade to a higher-end usb drive. hopefully that will fix the issues I’m having. cheers .

Hey Derwall.

Trust me its the memory sticks Ive had the exact same problem with the exact same sticks so changed sticks and its been fine since. Good Luck

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@derwall for what it’s worth, I opted for a pair of SanDisk 128GB Extreme Pro drives and they’ve been flawless. Others have reported the same thing and I also found the write speeds from EP to be much better.

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