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How to Rollback Firmware

:warning: BETA BUILDS SHOULD NOT BE USED IN LIVE SITUATIONS :warning: We highly recommend you perform beta testing at home in a controlled environment only and not in a paid or live situation. Before your event, you c…

2 August 29, 2019
[Status Bracket] Definitions

To help identify and manage reports, we’ve implemented a topic tagging prefix bracket system. This will help identify the current status of each report and indicate if further action or information is needed from the rep…

2 August 29, 2019
How to Backup Your Engine Library

As you know, beta builds of any software application are not fully qualified and may contain bugs. To protect your Engine Prime collection, it is essential you following one of the two suggested workflow practices below. …

2 August 29, 2019
Tips for Reporting Defects and Issues

Writing a Software Bug Report:beetle::clipboard: When reporting bugs in the Defects & Issues area, please be sure to use the provided topic template. The template will already be in place when creating a new topic in th…

2 August 29, 2019
👋 Welcome to the PRIME 4 Public Beta! READ ME FIRST!

Welcome to the Denon DJ PRIME 4 v1.4 Public Beta! Our goal with this public beta is to collaborate with users and collect feedback to ensure the forthcoming release provides the best possible user experience. Before par…

2 August 29, 2019