Wishes for upcoming updates - SC5000


How I would prioritize my SC5000 wish list:

#1: Loading a new track immediately sees pitch fader position.

#2: -6dB blanket pad within the SC5000 processing. This is assuming the original assertions of a limiter and the low-pass filter helping Elastique deal with hot masters. Easy, mathematically flawless (just halves all the samples’ amplitudes), and achievable now.

#3: Key lock off = no Elastique processing at all. Key lock off or zero pitch sound quality being inferior to Pioneers needs to be resolved, anyway, and it’s a quickly-achievable fix for part of that and a short-term partial workaround for the filter roll-off issue, assuming that’s coming from Elastique. Even just an option/settings that says Key Lock Off Disables Elastique Yes/No would be sufficient if there’s a phase alignment or sound glitch issue with this if you toggle key lock with it.

#4: Customizable on-screen HUD info. This is EXTREMELY IMPORTANT to me, and the primary reason the players are in their boxes right now.

#5: Customizable jog bend sensitivity both ways, say, default would keep the current sensitivity with something like 1 of 3 back and 3 of 3 forward. Maybe even 2 of 4 back and 4 of 4 forward as default, as you’d need multipliers or divisors and it’s currently twice as sensitive in forward as reverse. This is a contributing factor as to why my players are in their boxes right now.

#6: Owner lockout of options/settings/preferences. The only things you should be able to bypass with it from your saved drive preferences are jog bend sensitivity and your center jog pic.

#7: Bring back the original pitch resolutions. I don’t care about how it affects sync.

#8: Speaking of sync, I’d like the ability to disable it in the settings.

#9: The low-pass filter, presumably in the Elastique processing, eventually needs to go. If it’s due to CElastiqueV3If::SetCutOffFreq = FS/3 setting in the code, then make it FS/2. Granted, there’s going to be an up to 16% increase or “hit” to processing usage/throughput (dropping the FS/3’s 25% savings to only up to 13% savings for FS/2) if that value in Elastique V3 is causing the filter. We’d get full Red Book CD frequency bandwidth, up from the current equivolent to about 32khz sampling rate.

#10: Key change independent of original key and pitch. A long term goal to match what DJ software can do.

#11: Info necessary for search filters and history fully transmitting across the Link.

#12: Get NTFS read-only support working consistently.

#13: Ability to offload tracks over Ethernet from a Laptop running Engine Prime. This isn’t that important to me, but it’s a neat feature for building that rare, pre-planned diverse set on the Pioneers and strange it’s not present when the SC2900/3900 had it. I assume on the SC5000 it would buffer the entire track on the player to improve reliability should the Laptop need rebooting or Link drop out.


agree with all this but @Reticuli i don’t understand the need of -6DB blanket pad ? if the track master are hot it’s more easy to deal with Adobe audition and normalize above 0db ?


The original claim by the Gee_DenonDJ on this forum if you look at the high frequency roll-off thread was that the low pass filter was related to a kind of frequency-dependent limiter and was needed due to the implimentation of Elastique having issues with hot masters clipping. That actually wouldn’t be an issue if the processing was all float and I have no idea why it wouldn’t be on something like this. A -6dB pad for everything processed in the SC5000 will give the algorithm more breathing room if that’s the case, allowing the later alterations like getting rid of the filter to be less detrimental. I’m not on their coding team and can’t be 100% if that original claim was correct. It could have just been a guess by Gee_DenonDJ.


By the way, intersample peaks/errors/clipping can begin to creep in if you’re within 3dB of the full scale digital brick wall. If Elastique is increasing the amplitude of some high frequencies, a -6dB blanket processing pad would give it a comfortable 3dB to go nuts within before the intersample issues start creeping in.


Hi guys - thx for your pm´s.

I will add all the things you´ve asked for, as soon as I get a “How To” from Chloe or SBangs… Denon´s pollsystem wont let me add them in the existing poll so I have send them a message. Just waiting for a respons.


hello chloe, If you look at user reviews, many ask for a search per year.


If forum poll restrictive of adding new lines to vote of after votes have all ready been made for exist lines then try this:

Have a vote for each ofs the suggestions so like

  • is adding year search THE most important new feature for you on 2019 firmwares?

Yes No

Then a different poll of:

  • is the high end roll off THE most important thing to you on 2019 firmwares?

Yes No

And a different poll of:

  • is the having library of greater than 100,000 tracks in a drive THE most important thing to you on 2019 firmwares

Yes No

Etc Etc

Then the develop team could just see score for each poll to see the most request of firmware. If the feature of each poll is made into firmwares then that poll could be deleted or moved out to a DONE section to stop new voters vote on a firmwares added feature