Wishes for upcoming updates - Engine Prime


I´ll try to make a poll on what people consider as the most important things that needs focus from the Development-team on the Engine Prime, if possible.

  • Expand/Shrink beat markers to correct wrongly detected BPM. Tap only is not ideal
  • More control over where additional down beat markers are placed e.g. using the playhead line as a guide to place it
  • Batch halfing or doubling of BPM values. If double speed or half speed is calculated
  • Undefined BPM range analysis option
  • Save Beat jump value in Engine Prime. Going from track to track the value reverts back to 4
  • Remove Update coverart in settings, as this takes long time.

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If you need somethings in the poll, please PM me and I´ll add them.


Good stuff. I have placed my votes. Hopefully Denon tech department tracks this discussion.


Some small quality of life additions I’d like to see in Engine Prime software in the future are:

  • Metronome
  • Another column in the collection view that represents tracks I have already played in the current session
  • The option to Ignore incompatible drives in the devices section.