V1.2.2 Firmware update for SC5000 Prime


The short version of a answer here is “everyone uses their decks differently”

The longer answer is that the more options and modes and features that a deck, or mixer, or smartphone, or microwave or (god help us) Laptop has, the number of tests needed to test EVERYTHING spirals up exponentially extremely quickly. Think of everything that a 5000 can do… now think of the 5000 being in cue/stopped/pause mode rather than playing a track, that’s instantly doubled the feature testing required.

It simply ain’t possible to test even a significant fraction of all the features, in all modes, in every preference setting, and going for the biggy here >>> in every way that every dj uses it - especially in the tiny timescales that they’re given by some, for the next and the next update.


I think you’re right. We are all BETA testers in life!! Moohaha


It also doesn’t help that there are different revisions of the SC5000. My rev C sometimes crashes, which my rev D so far didn’t. But the rev D has more trouble with the SD card, where the rev C is more reliable…


How do you check your revision letter?


I found it on the packing of the players. Not sure how you find out from the players themselves.


Doesn’t it tell you when you load the player up? Not at mine at the mo to check, but pretty sure it does.


I’m not completely agree with you and I’ll explain. The updates are there, because a car must progress and not retreat. You say there are a thousand ways to use it and nobody uses it the same way … ok here I agree with you, but the functions are and must be the same for all the players of each of us. It should not exist … and I say “should not”, that on my player the update works and on your no. As well as the fact that if I update a function, it goes to create other problems that I did not have before. There can not be any updates that conflict with each other … it should not happen. Also because the Denon team is not so quick to release an update to fix a problem, even more so that it takes so much time, “the problem” in the new update should not really present itself.

For example, in the last update to the Hot Cue problem, they fixed these, but somehow something was spoiled when you go to press the “censor” button. He works, but in the jog screen, we see that the indicator is blocked for a few seconds and then start again … and this should not happen.