Utilizing the x1800 Sample Rate


Anyone running their x1800 at 96khz? If so, do you notice a difference between 96 and 48khz? Are there any advantages/disadvantages using 96khz versus the 48 or 44khz settings? I am currently running 48khz and can hear the difference between 48 and 44khz. The sound appears to be a-lot “stronger”. Thoughts??


It will all depends on what source you are playing into the mixer. Everything will be of need to match


Not sure, my x1800 is in the box right now. Does the x1800 have an internal/work processing sampling rate setting in its on-board utility? I know you can change the sound card rate on your computer and the digital output rate on the mixer, for sure. The MP2015 I don’t think we have any control over the sample rate and output settings on the mixer itself. I know with the x1700 the 96khz internal work sampling rate under utility does some amazing upsampling that I like the sound of. If you put it at the rate of what you’re piping in, then it’s pretty close to just the original source, but the upsampling sweetens it up and makes it more musical to my ears. I find that also to be the case with Burmester Audiosysteme’s interpolative upsampling. Going digital in and digitally out on the x1800, I did not hear that much sweetening at what appeared to be 96khz throughout, but then again the SC5000 is already sending 96khz into the mixer. I don’t think I even bothered much testing the analog inputs or any lower sampling rate digital inputs, so cannot really say the x1800’s resampling is any worse than the x1700.


Flop ! No one else have talked of old Rane mixers of this whole thread. Staying topic seem is so difficult yes


You wont notice the difference at home. The average listener won’t notice the difference on a system, however you will notice the difference.


It’s a currently-produced mixer from InMusic that I’ve also used with the SC5000s besides the x1800, is relevant because it is a completely digital mixer like the x1700 & x1800, and has some settings and doesn’t have others. The x1800 and the MP2015 both lack some of the settings options of the x1700.

The x1700 definitely has an audible and pleasant effect on the music when set to 96khz throughout when sending lower sampling frequency SPDIF or analog sources into it. The x1700 only needs the internal work sampling rate set to a specific rate on the mixer (as opposed to the SPDIF output setting) when the USB soundcard inputs are being used so the computer rate matches the mixer rate. The x1700 has all of these possible settings in its on-board utility menu.

According to the MP2015 literature, its internal work sampling rate is at 96khz but may change depending on if the USB soundcard inputs are used. There’s some vague aspect in how that’s talked about in the Rane manual, so I can’t be sure if the MP2015 is resampling differing-rate USB soundcard inputs or if the computer setting is automatically changing the internal work sampling rate on the mixer so they match. For sure, you cannot manually change either the internal work sampling rate or the SPDIF output in the Rane mixer settings utility. I cannot remember if the x1800 was this way or not and whether it required such a manual setting to match the computer, changed it automatically, or just resampled the USB inputs.

When you say, LargoS, that the x1800 has to be at the same internal work sampling rate as whatever is piped in, that is probably not always the case, and would likely only potentially be the case if the x1800 requires that for USB inputs usage. djock12’s observation that some 96khz mode on the x1800 seems to change the sound might be the result of either the USB soundcard usage either altering the internal work sample rate setting of the mixer and/or the sample rate of the software the USB sound card is communicating with, or it could simply be the result of multipoint interpolative upsampling occuring with sources other than its set internal rate.