Use of IOS with DN-X1600


Hi all! I just got a dn-x1600, but there seems to be some compability issues with iOS. Maybe someone can tell me what is “wrong”: When I hook up my iPad 3 (iOS 9.3.5, dj-app “Dj Player Pro”) to the dnx1600, the USB communication is not completely satisfying. I.e. I cannot assign usb to different channels (this makes troubles in dvs-mode since the app only communicate the dvs via ch1 and 2 on the dnx1600 - and ch1 have no turntable connection…) For iOS 10 (iPad 4/iPhone 5s), the app does not find the soundcard in the dnx1600 at all.

The dnx1600 is listed as class compliant. But maybe there is still something not matching with apple and iOS…??

Could there be any point of trying to downgrade the dnx1600’s firmware to one older than “2000”??

iOS issues with dn-x1600


WHY do APPLE think its ok to keep changing their OS every few months and expect thousands of pieces of hardware to either get fixed at the manufacturers expense in terms of research and testing and man hours, or lose features for us users?

APPLE should make new OS updates 100% backward compatible OR simply go back to using drivers. this is just plain wrong - one change at apples end, which probably takes them just a few hours of programming to change makes hundreds of makers of electronics have create new firmware or software every few months - in what way do apple thing THATS right ? some stuff cant be updated, other stuff only has limited firmware space for new code, other stuff risks getting bricked during any firmware update and apple just keeps doing it.

Ive ended up using the 1600 as an analogue mixer with midi functions, and buying an external soundcard for it. When apple break their code again in a few months time then I’ll just chuck or re-allocate the soundcard.


Thanks for the reply;-) I expect you are right…Apple is to blame…:-/ I wish there where an Android alternative the Dj Player Pro… Are there any chances that future updates of iOS will work with the dn-x1600?


I don’t think so cause the x1600 is vintage. It is also no more supported under OS X Sierra.


Sorry, did not see your answer untill now Djtwok! Ok, I understand:-/

Something strange happened to this topics’ title… It should be about iOS, and not mac OS.