Two identical Controller behave different. Firmware problem?


I have two identical DN MC 6000. The last one I bought used, almost new. All adjustments are identical but the “new” one behaves different. Channel 1 does not work in midi mode. It does not work with line one but it works with line two??? And it is not only the line fader that does not work, it is the equalizer too. Channel 2 to 4 behave normal. I suppose it is a firmware problem. Is DN-MC6000_v1.012 the latest update? Are there newer ones? Other reasons for that phenomenon? I am using a Mac and Mixvibes Cross. Works perfect since years. That is the reason why I bought a second MC6000Mk1 Thanks in advance to the members here


Generally, the firmware either works 100% or 0%. If the unit powers up, runs through its power up lighting sequences and lets ANY music pass through it, then every bit and byte of the firmware is most likely perfect.

I would suspect the input selector at the top of channel 1. The one where you choose whether the channel is to be a MIDI or an audio channel etc. If that switch isnt making contact with the midi option, the channel wont respond to midi commands. Does the channel work if you feed real audio into it?


One of my friends had exactly this issue last week but on the MC6000mk2. We never managed to resolve it even after reloading newer firmware.

One thing to try on the MK1 is to reassign the midi channels by hitting shift+browse. If you hit certain combinations of shift plus those middle buttons it can cause strange things to happen.


Also check the switches on the back for Mac/PC and Int/Ext mix to see they are in the correct place.


kradcliffe, I tried. First shift and browse. Nothing happened only both cue1 buttons were lighted. Then I tried shift and browse. The software asked me if I want to switch in 2 players mode. I confirmed and killed all midi signals. Apparently the controller is not sending any midi signal anymore. dead :frowning: Thanks god I have my old one because I have three gigs this weekend. Any ideas? Thank you


Shift+browse sets midi channels at 1-4 which it should be.

Try again and reboot the controller before starting your software


The Shift Browse/Sample/Record etc options only worked on the entire controller for its MIDI channel. As channels 2,3 & 4 all worked and sent MIDI which the computer was able to receive then the Shift Browse wasnt the root cause.

If the selector switch at the top of the suspect channel is OK and doesnt feel stiffer/looser/disconnected etc compared to the other selector switches, then it could still be faulty or indeed something deeper inside the mixer relating to MIDI control could be in need of attention.


Thanks to you. I already talked to the service…