Tiesto not using the Denon's @ EDC Las Vegas?


Wonder why Tiesto was not using the Denon’s @ EDC Las Vegas, his choice or not allowed by the organizers?

Last year Tiesto was using them…


I was wondering the same thing. And also: Why did the tech-guy need to turn some knobs on his DJM so many times? Especially during the Avicii tribute this was really anoying…

BTW: at Ultra Miami I loved the way Tiesto’s Denon set was stacked on top of the Pioneers :slight_smile:



Maybe he left the Denon Train.


Does anyone looking to buy DJ gear really care about celebrity endorsements?

Obviously companies see it as a great way of marketing as you can’t buy a set of pans or kitchen knives without a celebrity chef’s name on them.

What really counts is the quality of the gear and it’s support. Companies should ditch paying money to these people and invest it in the product instead.


Nope. I don’t. Never play anywhere. Don’t need a rider. Never cared for any other DJ. Past, present and future.

Just wanted to have the best suited devices FOR ME to play with and that is the Prime system. It just fell into place after 25years of different Pioneer, Denon, Tascam, Traktor X1+D2 gear.

I agree on the quality and support, but that’s only possible if they actually sell… and you need marketing to sell stuff.

(Furthermore let’s be real here; EVERYTHING a superstar-DJ does on stage, can simply be done with one iPad or laptop. One doesn’t need 6K $/€ gear to play and mix music… true I paid it; only to have more fun)


fully agree with this, the prime series are launched on the market as the CDJ competition/killer however you need the marketing/big names to make this happen.

When there is no critical mass the support/software development will be put on the backburner….the rest you can fill in.

I’'m still in love with my prime set but I would like to see more often updates, both on the machines and the engine prime software.


Yes me too ! I live in Paris and maybe i’m the only one who use Denon SC5000 in underground club ! Denon should have sent thousands of copies of Denon prime to the club as Pioneer did


And charge for that thousands of units through us, regular buyers? No thanks, that was the whole point of moving away from Pioneer and their shitty business model of overcharging for minor upgrades.


Yes but let’s agree and realistic i don’t see any dj in underground place who use the prime set up, just big DJ EDM DJ who are payed by Denon. I would love to see Kerri Chandler or Maceo plex for example rocking in SC5000 but it’s not gonna happen


Agree that handing our free players to the clubs is not the irght way as someone needs to pay for these freebees.

Denon’s route of signing up a number of known ambassadors is the right thing, mabe a few more would be a bonus as we have not seen new additions the past months.


I’m afraid you might be right. Since the beginning of april, I have only seen him play on Pioneer gear, including his regular gigs at Wet Republic and Hakkasan … Seems like Ultra Miami was the last gig Tiesto played on Denon Prime?

Can anyone from Denon shed any light on this?