The 'sound' of the X1800 - tell me please ;-)


And nog een dutchie! Crisp And clear yes! I like it very much better than the djm900 i had before. I dont like the compressie pios have.

One comment i have is the gain, the uv meter and my ears tell different stories. In other words, there is too much Change in sound for the Lights to accuratly show. And the effect filter knobs could have a finer tresshold or be smoother how you wanna say…

But X1800 is an awesome mixer, hands UP!


Wash out is amazing on this mixer


Ok, thanx for the infos guys


is it me or is the flanger different on the x1800 then on the DJM900? Don’t use it often but last week was using a DJM900 and used the flanger effect and liked it better on the DJM900.

Can’t really describe what is the difference but maybe others do…


The X1800 flanger has more feedback (at least that’s what the setting is called like in Traktor) than the Pioneer DJ effect.


i agree this with the flanger from the Pios, but: i dont use it cos of the “hardness” of the flanger :confused:

i love the flanger of the X1500, sounds for me really better as of the 1800! Why do not make a “x1500 oldskool” option on the mixer for it … ? would love that :wink: