Serato DJ - Controller Mode Poor Jog Wheel response


I like to do some basic scratching but the SC5000 jog wheel integration with Serato DJ leaves a lot to be desired.

It’s laggy for scratching.

I’ve tried messing with Serato DJs latency setting but it’s just not tight enough.

Just an observation.

Standalone works a peach…tight and very responsive.


I i noticed the same thing


It’s no good if you’re comparing it with standalone performance.

By design, controller jogwheels cannot accomplish the low latency between movement and change in sound simply because those signals need to be transfered to the PC, computed by software and outputed back into a audio interface.

In standalone mode, all of that is done inside one unit (even if SC5000 is a mini-PC itself) optimized for such performance.

Compare it with some other SDJ controller.


Compared with other controllers…it’s the poorest jog wheel response for scratching.

I have the Denon MC6000MKII, Roland DJ 808 (This has the tightest jog wheel with Serato DJ) Even my Pioneer WeGo3 has better jog wheel response with Serato DJ The CDJs 2000 Nexus jog wheels also performs better.


I would go to Serato forum and ask them for answer why is that considering they did the integration with their software.


Following my observation i wanted to find out if other owners of the SC5000 Prime have similar or alternate experiences.

Wouldn’t want to start hitting up the Serato forums before a brief survey.

I believe Serato DJ support is a collaborative effort between Denon DJ and the Serato guys. So they both share responsibility in ensuring they get the best experience for users.

Just one other user share the same experience so sample size is still too small.


Serato threads have a tendency to go sideways. It could easily turn to another Denon Bashing thread but I will post something there and see how other SC5000 users are faring.

Link to post


This whole Serato integration leaves a lot to be desired can’t change the colors on the Jogs can’t have you Logo show unless you individually change it in every individual song cant have a full waveform show like on stand alone etc. it’s very disappointing that you can’t use the SC5000 to it’s full potential with Serato.


Yeah almost like they did it half hearted. All that under utilized potential.

Scrolling Serato wave forms should be possible. If the MCX8000 can manage it why not the SC5000 Prime? That will be a major win versus the CDJ system which also doesn’t support scrolling waveform.

BTW this is constructive feedback and not me moaning if there is room for improvement of the Serato integration …I will welcome it.

I wonder who determines how things should be done between hardware manufacturers (Denon in this case) and official software partners (Serato)

Do Denon provide them with all the information they need and let Serato come up with ideas?


I think Serato controls that, Hopefully for the new upcoming version of Serato they put a little bit more effort then this version we got right now. This is one of the reasons why I’m considering going laptop less with my setup because we this expense (I have the whole setup X1800 + 2 SC5000’s) you want all the features not something halfway cooked.