Screen brightness not anymore in % level



I updated my MCX8000 to v2.0 and everything was going good.

When i took a look to set my brightness on my screens, it is not anymore capable to select the % level. Now it is low/mid/ high brightness …

How can i put it now at 80% like before ?



You can’t. You have to select one of the 3 options you mentioned. You want 80% to not have the screen freeze or what ?


if you need to dim the display because you have the screen freeze contact support, my mcx suffers from the freeze and even though i’m 6 months out of warranty denon are repairing mine FOC, because it seems there is an issue with the early boards which effects some units, mine is going back today to have a new board which apparently fixes the screen freeze issue.


Hi, yes that’s what i want to do. I just installed firmware v2.0. Also a fresh usb stick with songs and FAT32, but i got allready have a screen freeze on my right screen while in stand alone mode …

So, with new prime and firmware, it is not resolved …

What do they do, how long does it take …


my mcx landed back with them today, apparently it’s a fault with the board on early mcx-8000’s they basically fit a later motherboard which should clear the screen freeze issue, mine is 18months old and they are repairing it free of charge, your next step should be contacting denon support, and tell them you have screen freeze issues. last time my mcx went it for repair it was 4 or 5 weeks, but this time they have booked it in as a priority repair with 7 working days turnaround.


Hi, you already sent it back 2 times then ? All the time for screen freezes ? Is this all the time in stand alone mode that you have the freezes ? Do you go to your seller to send it back to denon or must you do it otherwise ?

Thanks for the support !


my screens froze in stand alone, and when using vdi & serato, it initially went back for a failed on/off switch, but they found another fault it cam back and run with no issues for 6-8 weeks before the screen freeze started again. return process will depend, if you are still in warranty contact the shop where you bought it, if you are out of warranty contact denon directly.