SC5000 rebooting itself


mines are doing the same thing really annoying,have had to send my two sc5000’s back to denon got to replacements of which two were faulty one same issue as above and the other had a blank screen on boot up so that’s 4 units faulty driving me nuts as I love the denon gear.


here are my product serial numbers PRODUCT SERIAL: A11703213903576 REGISTERED: 06/18/2017 PRODUCT SERIAL: A11703213903533 REGISTERED: 06/18/2017


Where in the world are you based @djpaul - which service center did you return your unit(s) to?


I’m in Edinburgh Scotland,sc5000’s returned to my supplier dj tech who told me they have no more sc5000’s and it will take at least 3 weeks to get repaired probably more as it’s xmas and new year and I have about 15 gigs to get through nightmare.


I have experienced a very similar problem. In the middle of the set one of my SC5000s just stops playing and reboots. This has happened only two times so far. But I guess it could happen any time again. Any advice from Denon what to do in this situation? I could not reproduce this behavior so far.


Happens to me to from time to time, do 't know why, cant reproduce it ether. Luckally it reboot fast enough to give a sound engineer a look like i dont know either and systeem is rebooted but still pretty not so swell.