SC5000 and Engine Prime Update v1.2



is that still not possible?


No… we are still waiting


73 days and noooo bugfix at all.

Not cool!

I dont want 5 new features - I just want a quick bugfix on the Hotcue issue - then I gladly can wait for new features that comes with the next Firmware update.

Cant be that difficult - “Woops, we messed up with the way the Hotcue works” - Fix - relaunch update, and then focus on new things.

Please Denon.


so agree ! it’s already long enough…


You know how to change what code lines to fix this?


InMusic used to use some open source code on their players and all-in-ones, but I presume that’s not legal now that they’re licensing stuff like Elastique.


Things like hot cues have nothing to do with open source libraries. The fact that this is such an issue makes me worry about the state of the code.


First of all @LargoS - Looking forward for the day where you dont comment with the one reason, to talk down to people.

Second - no, but I´m not the person who created the code to make these lovely machines run. I suppose one can expect that people who have build this, know where to look and that they actually know what they are doing.

Like I do in my job!

Let me elaborate:

The way you respond to people almost every time gives you the impression that you are either employed by Denon to ridicule people’s attitudes and experiences, or you generally do not get the frustration that many customers experience.

We spent $ 6500 on a fantastic setup, but the response time on issues is breathtaking.

2 years after MCX8000 was launched, customers are demeaned to be beta testers … On a 2 year old product.

When I look for an action on a bug fix on an update that’s 74 days old, it’s because, by God, I do not want to end up 2 years from now and be a beta tester on the Prime set-up.

In DK, where I come from, 95% of all djs laugh at Denon due to dull reaction times, long wait for sparepars, ignorance etc, etc. Even the dealers have this attitude.

If Denon really wants to re-enter the market and be “the big player,” then they should really look to address these issues.

Good day to you.


Just don’t reply to some. He doesn’t like smileys. Calls other people forum-boys blablabla. I’m done with that.


in agreement with Angell! At the moment I’m using more my trustworthy SZ2 than the Prime setup. exactly for this reason. It’s frustrating to use hot cues like this !!

DENON are you listening to us ??

At least one answer you’re working on … we’ve spent a lot of money on this fantastic console, and it’s not acceptable that you spend so much time getting a fix!

We do not ask for new features but a simple FIX!


And I thank you. There courtesy is achievable by you. It is only just hidden well in you.


I hope they’re not out-sourcing or off-shoring the programming, especially to Russia or China. Pretty sure I’ve seen job openings at InMusic over the past few years for DSP and programming language engineers, so hopefully not. Doing a little rain dance and crossing my fingers.


Programming (to my knowledge) is done by AIR Music Technology, another brand from InMusic. My guess is that these guys work as some kind of “shared services” for multiple brands under InMusic. So they are also responsible for their own brand, Rane and probably Akai. Depending on the size of the team, they might have had tough times with major product launches by Akai, Denon DJ and Rane.


So maybe short-staffed, but trustworthy Germans. I can live with that.


finally!!! with this update the hot vue have settled! it was now Denon.