Prime 1.2 External Drive Issue


I have been using a 4TB external drive as my primary music library drive, or my master collection could be a better way to put it. I have everything there, and then I would use smaller USB3 Thumb Drives for my performances.

After updating to Engine 1.2, my 4TB external that used to appear as a regular system drive now shows up as an external drive in Prime. It also no longer shows my full library. I used to have the entire contents of the drive organized into corresponding Crates in Engine and now only a few show.

  1. I’m wondering if there is some way to force Engine to see my previous database on this drive.
  2. Is there a way to force Engine to not see a large external Drive as a performance media.
  3. If there was one update to this whole system that would make me a million times happier, it would be if my drive was synced and updated the way it would be using DJ software. I wouldn’t be having any of these problems if my carefully organized folder & files were just recognized in Engine, with their contents scanned and most importantly automatically or manually synced to add new tracks.