Network link 2 sc5000 to destop pc.


Hi, is it possible to connect the sc5000’s to a network hub and connect a desktop pc that will show up on the sc5000’s as a media source?

Thanks Gary


Hi Gary

The short answer is “not currently”. However, our development team have a long long list of user suggested features, of which computer linking, for two different ways, is already on the list eg:

1). Using a computer as a music source, just as if the computer were a hard drive.

2). Using the computer as a searching tool for tracks, pushing found tracks out to either layer of player 1,2,3 or 4, instead of using the players as standalone devices.

Exciting things ahead.


Maybe this has already been suggested, but it would also be extremely helpful to connect an SC5000 to a computer and then use it as a remote control for the engine prime software running on the computer. And also to then have the SD card in the player accessed directly by the engine prime software without the need to physically remove it. This kind of close integration of player and software would really streamline the workflow for adding new music and setting up crates.

What do you think people?


The idea has been mentioned before, and whilst it detracts from the true “standalone” and “No computer needed” premise which the SC5000 is championing, it is an idea that has been added to the list of considerations for the development team,

Some would welcome the idea, whilst others would say that they got the SC5000’s to facilitate their shift away from dragging a laptop around with them.

The ideal answer is to have the SC5000’s and Engine Prime enhanced by future updates to allow the “Push from Engine Prime to any of the eight layers” functionality, should the user so choose.

Whilst I can see the appeal of having everything on the laptops internal hard drive and never exporting anything, I could understand that some users might stop keeping regular backups of their music library - but that’s not a DenonDJ specific issue of course.

Either way… the idea is on the dev team list, though,


@Gee_DenonDJ Good to hear it is on the list. Even that I prefer to work ‘stand alone’, this functionality would allow to test things out while still preparing in EP. Today I would Need to prepare on the Computer, Export to the Flashdrive, plug it in the Deck and Play around on the Deck to see how it would work. Being able to connect the Deck via Network to EP directly would allow to simply check the preparation done in EP directly with the Deck before even to copy to the Flashdrive. Thinking of working on multiple tracks, it would be much easier. And even a lot of plug in / unplug the Flashdrive into / from the Deck / Computer wouldn’t be needed.

My preferred way of working is: In a gig -> stand alone; at home -> connected to the Computer