Memory stick problems


Formatted by stick to fat32 and exported files to my stick but after 2.5k tunes the stick came up with being corrupt. The will to keep the Denon 8k is fading fast. Anyone got any tips on whick thumb drives to use ?


I’ve been having pretty good luck with the Scandisk Cruzer flash drives. I used a 16Gb on a 5-hour gig without issue.


I’ve been using the Sandisk drives as well with great success. The ultimate seems to be the Sandisk Extreme line with the ssd being the king but the USB sticks are great as well. I’ve had problems with others including Lexar but Sandisk and Kingston HyperX have been trouble free for me.


Ok, most people, when formatting a USB stick, opt for the quick format route. I personally go for the full format option. Takes longer but can potentially detect the faulty sectors that could cause a corrupted disk error.

So that would be my first trial. Also I’d use HP USB Disk Storage Format Tool to format the stick. For some reason it is the tool that gets the best results.

Another thing to try of course is to run the stick through a thorough surface test. This will check every bit of space and mark it as unusable if corrupt, preventing data to be written to it.

Just my two cents.