MCX 8000 Mk2 . . . . . What's on your Wish List?


Over many years I have been tremendously loyal to “Denon”. . . The kit has always been well designed with the DJ in mind but also well-built and reliable and reasonably priced . . Now this said, . . it is also true that I have “now” (the first time with Denon kit) witnessed my own challenges with the MCX8000, with regard to freezing issues in stand-alone on 2 x separate units from New . . Reading DJ forums up and down the country it appears that I’m not alone, and owners of the 8K that are having challenges seem to be extremely frustrated. . So it’s Great News to hear that Denon are working on new firmware for the 8k that (we are told) will put a lot of these challenges to bed.

Now although it’s Not “stand-alone” the release of the New DDJ 1000 from Pioneer taking much of the DJ limelight, I’m concerned the 8K is looking rather like an old temperamental car that keeps having to visit the garage repair or callback upgrades. lol

So taking a birds eye view over comments on forums and social media . . .

It’s been said that most of the challenges are due to firmware & Engine 1.5 (which can be easily upgraded ) But other engineers have said we need a Mk2 as the 8K’s RAM Processor ie: (computing power) is far too small and desperately needs to be upgraded (is this the reasons why the 8K is only a USB-2 controller only ?) DJs have also gone on record to say the screens are too small and they need to be touchscreen. Other DJs have criticised the 8K due to No facility to record the DJs show . . etc . . etc

So here is a Great “Denon Forum” Question : If Denon launched a MCX 8000 Mk2 . . As a DJ what would be on Your Wish List for Change? What would you do different? . . . . Let’s support Denon to create the best “stand-alone” controller ever, as ultimately that’s what we all want. Best Regards Phil James

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Please can we have 2 decimal places on screen for the pitch fader in stand alone mode, it would be most helpful.


I think it’s probably USB 2.0 as that is what’s most prevalent in the PC market and USB 3 devices have varying levels of success with backwards-compatibility. Also, from materials I was reading last night while researching audio interfaces, USB 2 is more than capable of carrying the required throughput for a single, or even a few, devices.


Top Priority:

  • USB Recording

Next Priorities:

  • 4-channel Engine standalone mixing
  • Expanded bitrate and filetype support
  • More onboard FX (emulate Serato’s ‘3 FX/1 param’ + ‘1FX/3 param’ method)


  • TRS for Booth Out instead of XLR
  • More durable Play and Cue buttons
  • 50% Pitch option (currently 6 > 10 > 16 > 100)

Also --if we’re just wishing here-- Digital Out (TOSLINK) :smiley:

My gf just now: “What is-- X-F Link?”
me: “…I have no idea”



I still have a 8000 with not output so I have not used it yet for a live event.

I would prefer usb c connections, as that is where the future is going.

Two usb for computer connections so that DJ’s can switch out

I would prefer a single bigger display in the middle so that the wave forms can be seen together, or put the waveform display in the center and all other controls still on the sides.

Two XLR mic inputs.

more mic effects.


Also for ep and sc5k please!!


how about an onboard ssd of 2tb so those dj’s with massive collections can store there music on the device instead of external drives …….and more processing speed so no more freezing in any mode ….standalone or pc also able to read and play karaoke tracks I know its not the done thing but sometimes its great to get the party started if nothing else work’s also dvs ready without the need of external sound cards ,and to top the lot of video manipulation so we can use video music and graffics without the need of a pc…………please