MCX-8000 2 years later. Should I buy?


Really liked the 8000 when I played with it at GC. Love the build quality and feel. (other brands felt like toys) Also liked the idea of playing off of usb as I do not really perform any heavy duty mixing. But after reading some of the posts I am worried I might be stuck with something that doesn’t work as advertised. Would love to hear both positive and negative experiences before I get this thing.



read this Switch to a different brand ?!


Hi guys, thought I would weigh in. Speaking from personal experience I can only say good things about my 8k purchase. I’ve had mine for about a year and aside from minor hiccups caused by using a crappy USB cable and less than awesome thumb drives I’m very happy. I’m using Serato mode on a 2013 MBP with 16gb of ram and an i5 processor flawlessly. I’m using standalone mode with Kingston HyperX Savage USB drives also flawlessly although I plan to move to SanDisk ssd eventually as its highly recommended around this forum. I am running the v1.5 firmware. I certainly agree with most when they say they that Engine software is blah but I believe that issue will be resolved with Engine Prime support around the corner. Admittedly I’m a bit of a Denon homer, in my 30 year DJ career I’ve used little else, so I really can’t comment on gear from other manufacturers, but for me it’s always been the right gear for the job. Forums can be a tricky place to get gear advice, although loaded with excellent, experienced people to help with your issues, it’s important to remember that for every person that writes in with an issue there are 1000 that didn’t write in because they have no issues. Anyway hope I’m not droning on (my kids tell me I do that hehe) I tend to be more of a reader than a poster, just wanted to relay my positive experience.


Thanks for the posts. I went ahead and purchased one. Hopefully an MKII doesn’t come out next month! But I really like the unit and build quality. Now works with Virtual DJ as well (not that I use it). Just hope the iteration of Engine Prime it supports fixes many of the issues people seem to have had. Looking forward to playing with my new toy!


Sold the one that i used as soon as they released Engine Prime software (advertised it as “built from ground up”) without a Engine 1.5 export mode. That told me all I needed to know how they planned to support their pre-inMusic units.


i already have a full prime system. (2 sc5000s and a x1800)

I bougth a new 8000 the 1th of july. (Came with ver 1.5 installed)

I let it play for 2 days on continious mode from USB.

The screens never froze and every time i checked it was still playing.

Me probably very lucky, but very happy.


Don´t buy MCX8000. several reason. you can found all reading the issues found in other part of forum. But the main reason for me to tell you that is, the last update of firmware was a long time ago and now they just make this beta tester program that take months to release. please denon. fix this. your brand are made on our confidence. don´t lose that


Well, I’ve run into a few bugs. Press Play/Pause button and track pauses, but waveform keeps scrolling?! This is with Serato. Also had some crackling and then eventually stopping. I replaced the USB cable and also dimmed the screen down to 90%. Seems to have fixed it but not sure. These are all with Serato. Having a lot of fun, though have a 3 hour set to do Saturday and am wondering how it will do. (No stress, playing a friend’s pool party so it will be a good setting to try it out on).

On a side note, there is something rattling around in there. But I don’t want to take it in for service. Is there an easy way to open this thing up?