Loose, Wobbly, and Dented Buttons Play/Pause Buttons


Both my play/pause and one of my pitch buttons came loose on arrival, as in I can move them laterally in their sockets. I’m not sure if this is a manufacturing defect in the plastic or something in the design but regardless it is concerning for a product of this price. Fortunately they all still work. Is it possible to get them repaired or replaced?



Any and every button will have a certain amount of play on any product, any make or model - they’re moving parts, after all. The majority of normal users will get years of use out of all the buttons.

However, dented buttons is something that you’d need to talk to the retailer/dealer regarding - as that’s different.


My Play/Pause button is tight, it only goes up/down with the clear confirmation click. The same goes for the pitch buttons (not the faders, they have some left/right give),

The build quality of Denon gear is beyond reproach, I can vouch for that as a (very) longtime Denon user. The MCX is full metal jacket and most things are screwed directly to the front plate, individually or on a sub-chassis.

The behavior you describe does not sound like “normal”. As Gee said your best bet is to contact your reseller and get the unit swapped (as this I would call dead on arrival, you shouldn’t have to wait for a repair).


11222 this is a problem with the prime series, the mc7000 and the mcx8000. Im about to blow this whole thing up as Ive taken apart my unit and can see that denon buttons, including (but not limited to) PLAY, CUE, SYNC and HEADPHONE CUE buttons are made with this incredibly cheap plastic housing assembly that is destined to fail with continued use. I just made a video showing these buttons, their cheap plastic housing, and the stress marks on all the buttons mentioned above, which will certainly show that all buttons in these denon products are going to fail…its only a matter of time