Latest Price Drop on the SC5000 and SC5000M


Btw how the quality of the fader ? i tried the X1800 in my local store in paris but i was a little disappointed with the quality, it seemed not robust not as tight as a DJM 900Nexus 2 or A&H Mixers, maybe i’m wrong :thinking:


I actually asked that way back, because I want a better feel also coming from the analog mixer era myself.

Fadertype of channel faders? Crossfader blind panel option?

Sound quality wise there is no difference; it’s all a kind of VCA. No audio goes through it.

I would have liked TKD faders or ALPS k-faders. TKD is used in the Model1 and Xone96.


Small thing but big for me is I love how loose the channel faders are on the x1800 because I cut with those quite a bit! So that is awesome for me!


I’ve always used serato for my efx main ones being echo & echo out also the filters so the next mixer I go for has to have good echo’s. I like the look of the Mixars Quattro due to the pads on it allowing me use my samples also the price is decent compared to others has anyone used this mixer??


I got a Quattro (hoping it had the same quality as my Duo). I was rather disappointed. The efx were very bland. The flanger sounded metallic.