Just bought a brand new SC5000, but the deck will not scratch.


Hello everyone, first time poster.

So I’ve tried everything here. Here are my steps:

  1. Out of the box.
  2. Removed plastic film on wheel
  3. Plugged into X1800, and computer
  4. Updated SC5000’s firmware (X1800 is already up to date)
  5. Plugged in external SSD to front usb slot
  6. Selected track, hit play and pressed the vinyl button.
  7. When I go to scratch, the track just speeds up and slows down. Seems like this is the expected behavior on the sides of the platter. No abrupt stops, no scratching sounds, just ups the tempo super fast or super slow.
  8. Checked all forums, couldnt find a viable solution.
  9. Verified my SC5000 is connected to ground through the plug, and that the power strip indeed has the third prong.

No bueno.

Any ideas? Is there some setting im missing to activate this? Or software?

How do I


So there is NO difference between vinyl button on or off??

Then it seems like a defective unit!


Hi @lo_waav,

Thanks for posting!

Do you have a second SC5000 to compare this to? Is this only happening to one of a pair of SC5000s?

In any case, if you haven’t already, you should send a line to your nearest support team for assistance. There’s a possibility that this is a hardware failure and they are the ones to connect with for all service options, warranty and non-warranty:



Hey Thanks Corey.

I only bought one since Im using this and the x1800 together with my MPC, Modular Synth and other hardware.

After bringing it in to try it out as mentioned in my previous post, they ended up calling their Denon Rep, he said to exchange it for a new one since it sounds defective. Waiting for one to be shipped to the store.



Nope! I actually brought it to the store and we hooked it up to the demo denon units and it would only scratch if your hand was on the demo deck’s platter, but not moving. But the minute you took your hand off it would stop scratching. Super strange


I’m trying to understand what you’re explaining to me, but fail to do that. Sorry!

English is not my native tongue, but I usually understand everything. My bad.

Did you receive a new unit now?