Issue when scratching after update


Hello all

need some help

I have just a update and on the left hand deck (1&3) if I try scratch on any beat it just backwards of the beat I am trying to hold.

Right hand deck (2&4) is performing perfectly.

please advice


Hello Aposegil,

Sorry to hear you’re having issues. Can you give a bit more detail on the issue you are seeing. Can you answer the following questions:

  • What software are you running in combination with your MC700?
  • What is your OS?
  • What did you update? Was it the MC7000 firmware, the OS or the newest version of your DJ software?
  • Would it possible to record a video of what you are seeing? If not, can you give actual steps to reproduce ie: Step 1: Load track. Step 2: Press Play. Step 3 Scratch backwards. Result: No scratch.

With that, we will have a better chance of getting you sorted out.