Is the SC5000M getting Serato DJ Native Support?



This is at at the bottom of the quick start guide for the SC5000M. I am assuming they will add the Serato DJ info to the quick start guide once they work out the bugs.


Somebody worked on the old SC5000 quickstart template and forgot to delete it? :smiley:


I’m with you 100%… oh wait, this is an Internet forum, so in fact, I’m with you 10000000% - there, that’s much more internetty.

I think that laptops got into DJ booths because, for a good few years, they HAD to be there. Now, however they (laptops) don’t have to be there and OMG they cause more than their fair share of issues.

Sure Prime works on the idea that a computer at home is good for going through new music and adding and naming cue points and all that but Prime is designed to be truely stand alone on stage.

I sincerely hope DJ gear continues to get more and more clever IN ITSELF with less and less reliance on a domestic computing lump being nearby.


Thank you for agreeing with me that we as users should boycot products/manufacturers that intentionally limit our choices just for sake of building their ecosystem.


I have no problem with the SC5000non-M and M not working at all with outside DJ software, though I do think it a bit problematic from both a marketing standpoint and from the standpoint of being percieved as doing the Pioneer-esque feature bracketing stuff. At least it’s not really feature-bracketing as it’s not showing up on a higher-end Prime model and it’s not based on pricing tiers.

Also, if they go for this strategy you elucidate, they probably need to hurry up and outfit Engine Prime with track-offloading over Link like old Engine has. The ability to find tracks quickly on my desktop at home and buffer them completely over to the players would make creating playlists while messing around with the new Denons super convenient.

I suspect the delay in HID and MIDI support is probably something to do with the limited SC5000 features. Once features of software like Virtual DJ and Traktor are on them, I don’t think it will be as glaring having HID support, hooking the 5000s to software and seeing massive descrpencies of capabilies between with-software and standalone. Jog response options, easy complicated fast searches and compatiblity filters, minimally-processed keylock-off sound quality, flat extended frequency response all the time, adjustable key, and customization of the information you see on-screen. Once this stuff from Traktor and VDJ are available on the SC5000, it doesn’t look so bad side-by side and you aren’t deprived when you switch to standalone.


I blame Pioneer for setting the trend/greed.