Importing entire iTunes structure


Is there ANY way that I can import my entire iTunes folders and playlists into Crates in Engine Prime?

1.1 seems to support playlists in folders but doesn’t support imported folders??? Again… REALLY FRUSTRATING!!

It’s such a fundamental and common requirement I really don’t see why it’s been missed out?

following on from my last post: Why doesn’t the SC5000 convert the Rekordbox library to Crates rather than playlists when a USB is first inserted as then the sort options would still be available on the player?


I also feel there are still area’s for improvement as it relates to importing/converting from other “platforms” like ITunes or Rekordbox into Engine Prime.

I have not yet stopped using Rekordbox as my main application to analyze, set cue/loops etc.

Not sure what the status is with rekordbuddy as they are mentioning for some time now a conversion solution from Rekordbox to Engine Prime.