ID3V Tags and the like?


Hello Everyone,

Today I noticed that Engine Prime does not write the tag information to ID3 tags. Is it possible to have this added or am I missing something?


Hello Mr. Negative,

Engine Prime does write tag information to the ID3 tags when they are being edited in the song list. It however does not write other information like cue points, BPM , etc to the meta data.

Can you explain what you are doing and what particular things you expect to happen which are not?





When I edit Artist, Title, Genre, Comment, and Label information of MP3’s in Engine Prime, it is not written to the ID3 tags. The files and folders containing the files are not marked as read only. Other software will write the tags without issue.


Does engine and the sc5000 show the edited information on-screen after the edits? If so then Engine Prime is leaving the tags well alone, leaving the file perfectly intact, but updating the Engine Prime database.


The information is saved in Prime and shows on the players, however the tags are not saved. This means I will need to go back to using Serato as my main database organization tool. :frowning: