Huge filter distortion with engine


I’ve had this issue since I updated to the 1.5 but I figured that it would be fixed in the 2.0 update. Seems I’m the only one with this problem but it’s a major one. When I turn the filter towards the high pass and the bass knob is at 0 it will start making very loud distorted sounds (even louder than the music). However when I turn the bass knob down it works perfectly. This can damage my speakers and not to mention clubs equipment and people’s ears (yes it’s that loud). I wanted to upload a video so you can see what u mean but I can’t since I’m a “new user” something.


Hi @TomySanguinetti it seems you are having an Hardware issue. Have you contacted Technical Support yet?


I did, but I got no reply


I do apologise for the delayed response from Technical support. If you don’t mind sending me your details (Name, Country of residence, Contact Number and email address) I will get someone to contact you asap.


turns out my gain levels where to high. if i put the gain level just below the reds and apply the filter it clips badly. lowering the gain level made everything work fine.


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