How to show comments in track info on SC5000


I work with Soca and Reggae tracks and use loops to blend tracks smoothly.

I have added comments to tracks with loops that I like to use.

I wanted to know if it is possible to add the comments to the track when searching any kind if flag that i can use the signify that is has a loop.

*I moved over from Traktor and a feature that I found very useful was being able to give a track with a loop a color (track xyz would have a highlight of green or any color i chose) which made it really load tack with loops.

This could be a great added feature in the next version of EP.

Thank you



I agree, it would be great to be able to search via comments, but it’s not possible yet. The only way to view comments is to long press on the track name.


Think is something in the pipeline however we can not confirm a release date.