How to block certain user's post


Hi, wondering if it’s possible to block certain users so I don’t have to see their posts. There aren’t many of them but some are really unhelpful to say the least and up to intentionally misleading.


I need to be careful now! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Yikes. I promise not to post rubbish again. Scouts honor.


You’ve probably just posted rhetorically to get a point across but if you’re really interested in an answer then I don’t think that a forum would offer that option.

If a post was made by (A) then replied to by (B) (who you’ve blocked) then © quotes the post from (B) then what would a forum show you from ©s post? The whole string of replies becomes useless.

A lot of forums will let you block private messages from certain people though.


No, really interested. A lot of forums do have that option.