Hot cue behavior after 1.2


I will not adapt to this way of doing it - its totally wrong considered how it always have been - and it´s pointless.

If it would improve my way of playing - sure I would be open to it.

But it improves absolutely nothing!

But guess they dont see it as a issue…


I am still to get busy with my hot cues as I have only done two mixes sussing out my new set up , but now after solving my mixer issues from another vender at last I will be able to get busy later this week and then I will know exactly if I can agree with or disagree,. but from the offset I agree that things should behave in a logical way and reliable way.


Soon or later the updates will slow out. Some people wanted surprises every weeks omg!


NO. some people want bug fix like open source with update regularly !


Open source is love for home project but a shared decks like in a dj booth with open source firmwares would mean a visit DJ would be walking into possible badly mutated decks ever time. Worse than midi map modifier over users


But somehow, competition manages to release bug fixes and feature updates on a regular basis :wink:


But being fair, the competition are not of additioning many user requests to firmware at all stages. Pioneer example is that they just offering bug fixes for what they model did one day #1 but no new function.

Instead pioneer bring out a different new model with new features on only - then you choose to buy they new model or just keep using the old features on of the old model.

It’s easy to beta test a pencil - does it write ? Yes? No? With mcx and Prime being multiples modes of standalone and different hot cue modes and different menu preferred options it much of more difficulty to beta test - even more difficulty added to beta test when new features add.


I also see of the pioneer sx3 being recalled with audio output freezing and ALL led lighting to switches off and that’s in 2018


I kinda agree with this. 2000, 2000 nexus, 2000 nxs2. More or less feature releases. Type number is usually price tag btw.

“I heard from someone” :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: it’s hard to find new bugs and testing the new and normal features if they’re (still) like advertised/before.

But releases could be more regular from my point of view!!


Exactly that’s the point. These systems are very complex, testing is expensive and bugs will occur. That’s why there should be a solid pipeline for reporting and fixing problems. An active user group finds bugs quickly. We’ve talked a lot about existing problems, but for us users there is no list of what has been detected and what will be fixed. Actually I’m quite anxious that problems from the original release might not get fixed with the next update (quantized hot cues from inside loops).


Could you explain a little again? Or point me to a topic!?

edit: I think I found it (last dec/jan)


This is a good point and an area where something like Mixxx and other open sourcey stuff tends to work well with crowd sourced effort and transparency. I also think completely opening up Engine Prime’s analysis and meta info formats would help push for wider adoption across the brandings.


Do I test it right? From within a loop or hot loop; a hot cue does not get quantized when triggered?


Yes exactly, I replied before but it doesn’t show up. No idea why.


It’s this one: Quantise - Players not staying locked to beat

The original problem was that the hot loops were not quantized. That has been fixed. However another issue is that the hot cues - usually quantized - are not quantized when triggered from within an active loop. That problem has been overlooked, although it was reported.

To try it yourself just get a loop running and then jump to a hot cue (quantize active).


Do not people have rhythm any more now?


Haha yeah I needed it to try off-beat. Hard!