Hot cue behavior after 1.2


Indeed agree with this, of course high-end audio cut-off, not bit-perfect digital output and low resolution pitch fader are problematic (I feel like I hear @Reticuli ahah) even more than the Hot cue issue too, i’m not this type of DJ using a lot Hot Cue but Denon need to correct this soon & not in 7months


@Reese we know ,you are firmware beta tester and maybe Denon listen you more than a “average” users ?


There does seem to be an natural moaner present on there. Those things dont matter as no one person will call a DJ off because of due reason. I am likened of the now-quiet debate of compressed and uncompress music files. the people still danced


It would be wise for me to not go and discuss my opinions.


If its me you refer to as a “natural moaner”, I just speak my mind :slight_smile: When you get your Prime setup, I think you’ll be even better to understand the rest of us and our inputs. :slight_smile: I know I have an opinion abot many things but I work with communication on a daily basis and know how important this is.


it wasnt

Although if the cap fits, as its said

hidden talents can be great to have


The SC5000 has a defined set of features and we can reasonably expect them to work properly. It’s advertised and priced as a professional DJ tool. “That’ll do” won’t do.


Hi all - the issue of the Hot-Cue wandering is known to the Development team and a fix is currently being worked on. Thank you for pointing this out and I hope to come back to you soon on when this may be sorted. Paul


Great, we await the bug fix … we hope very soon. Thanks Paul for the warning.


Thanks heaps Paul this was driving me mad on saturday night after updating the firmware. I’m glad you guys are working on a fix


Hi all - update on this topic:

Even though the cue point is not returning to the (UI graphical) cue-point position upon release, please be assured that re-triggering that cue (or any other cue for that matter) will play from the correct place. For users who are used using hot cues to start song playback, there are also several ways that this can be done in the meanwhile.

1 - Switch the cue preference trigger from ‘momentary’ to ‘trigger’.

2 - If using ‘momentary’ triggers, hold the cue button down while pressing ‘start’ to continue playing.

We hope this keeps everyone playing until we get a version with this fix out to everyone. Thanks guys


re-the trigger cue not returning to playhead poi actually thought about this today, its visual but does not affect the sound or functionality.


But as far as I can tell/ hear - If I press Play afterwards (after I have released the HotCue button, it starts from the point it stopped, which is not the start of the Cue-point.


In relation to Engell @Reese, I would like to add one point in my logical way of thinking and as we talk about hardware designed for djing their for by catering for the advanced/more technically minded djs you are in fact also catering for anything lesser on the whole, in other words room for anyone else to grow in relation to tools for actual djing and I say actual djing the future is not with wireless connection for example that is not a fundamental only a add on and is not directly related to the actual djing/ mixing itself and actual djing/ mixing itself’ that’s what counts.

Providing things are easy usable/accessed on the fly with simple hand movements then sky could be the limit, its only the imagination of the developers and constraints of the hardware that can dictate the limit of functionality or ways/methods of the hardware and interface. To progress a direction must be taken and unfortunately their will be hiccups so I guess its a journey we all have to take. Their is still a natural course of evolution before more extreme or experimental functionality and as of yet we are not complete in what I see logically needed, visuals and under the hood improvements which will include any bugs and request such as this, at the end of the day first and foremost its all about the selection and organisation when getting sets together via the SC5000 and the actual mixing and monitoring and the usability, so in essence mixing and mashing up as perfectly as one can. Now If something can be as simple as an alternative way of triggering etc then I don’t see why a pre setup option or another combination could not be, All any of us need to do is justify and explain or say why we cant use any alternative method/functionality already in place if others users are okay with existing ways, so I suggest by way of a clear daylight video , film the action show us what is meant, might be better instead of each of us not understanding another persons idea etc. Work with denon not against.


Instead of pressing Play, press and hold the Hotcue button, and while holding it, press Play. The player will then continue playing once you let go of the Hotcue button.


I know, but its more that I switch between cue-points during build ups and so on - fast tapping 2 or 3 hot cue-points after eachother X times and straight after go to press Play. And with years doing it this way, I dont want to go down in skills because of a bug in a update.


I can relate to that. It’s not worth discussing for how well we can do with a workaround. All these features are there so we can get busy with the music. I want these players to work like instruments - utterly intuitive and never in an unexpected way.


absolutely agree


please fix this problem … it’s annoying to work like that


This problem forces us to adapt, but why? Should we be surprised at every update?