Hi everyone! DjEric here!


Hi everyone, My name is Erik Hall, (Dj Eric) from Sweden.

I have DJ’d professionally through the 80s, 90s and 00s. First as mobile DJ and then as Club DJ, but now-days I am back as mostly mobile party/wedding DJ.

Basically I am a software and hardware engineer but now I am driving trains and DJing at spare time just for fun.

Equipment: Owner of MCX8000, MC6000 Mk2 and SC3900 players. I have Denon Axis 12 and 12S speakers as normal speaker setup but for bigger event I have Turbosound 18" Subs. Lots of different lightning equipment of different brands. And finnaly a LiteConsole Elite as mobile DJ booth.

I am at the moment trying to sell my SC3900 and order SC5000.


Hi Eric - a pleasure having you onboard. Seems you are a very passionate Denon DJ user :slight_smile: Doing mobile/wedding/party gigs can be very challenging and at the same time, rewarding. We’re glad your Denon DJ gear is helping out!


Thanks Paul.

Here is two images when from partys using MCX8000.