First impressions of SC5000Ms


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Did you or do you have the 5000 as well?

My local DJ shop has the Ms in stock now. I plan to go see them before the weekend.

Decisions to be made after that, between selling my 5000 and buying the Ms vs sticking with the 5000


Yes, I have a set of the 5000 and 5000Ms. I will sell the 5000s now. The vinyl setup is so much more precise for cutting and scratching.


Very happy to report my 5000M’s arrived today :sunglasses: Can’t wait to get these setup, made the right choice for sure.

Now a part of the Prime Tribe !

Just the mixer to sort out, as I currently have a trusty X900. X1800 or Xone 96 choices choices…



I’ve tried using other mixers with the SC5000 but believe me when I say the X1800 brings the players to life.

I tried it with Rane 72 (returned), Rane 62 (sold), Pioneer DJM S9 (still have this as my road mixer). I have a bias towards 2 channel mixers. Got tired of waiting for a Denon 2 channel mixer so got the X1800.

It feels good, it sounds good.


some major problem with the 5000m. cue point delay, denon need to have a option to remove bitgard… this was the same problem with Serato dj. the bitgard used to mess up loops. Denton need to fix this asap… or I will be seeing my 5ks back…and have a Serato hid option…


Do you mean Beatgrid? As in quantized placement and triggering of loops and cues? If so, turning off the green quantize button should get what you want.

Serato support is coming.


Tested the SC5000M today.

Local dealer cracked open a new unit for me to test.

I will buy them if I get a buyer for the OGs. No point having two sets of very similar players.


I played with the 5000M at ADE a bit. My gosh they are better than I expected.

The cutting just felt right.


Is there a way to adjust the SC5000M platter resistance? I’m used to using Tablecloth slipmat for more a slippery feel on actual turntables.


You can tweak this by adjusting the pressure that the platter exerts on the slipmat. Basically how hard you press on the top before screwing it into place will affect the resistance. Less pressure = more freewheeling.


Soon I hope.

New SC5000M decks arrived today.

Haven’t opened the box yet but I remember when testing a demo unit at the shop, when the platter stops there is a tiny forward movement and audible sound.


What do you mean? There’s always going to be a bit of ramp down as the platter comes to a stop.


After it ramps down to a halt, the motor turns anti clockwise for a tiny fraction.


When the playback is stopped using cue button to return to selected cue point, and during platter ramp down, it is not possible to use the platter/record for transport through the track. It seems until the platter has made a complete stop it has lost all functionality for short period of time.

Is this the intended fuction of the players, why does this occur and will there be a fix?