Firmware 2.0 mcx8000


@Gee_DenonDJ Hi, I would like to participate in the development of 2.0 mcx8000 firmware is still possible? thank you for your answer.


Djpier 20d

@Gee_DenonDJ Hi, I would like to participate in the development of 2.0 mcx8000 firmware is still possible? thank you for your answer.


Hi Sven

Gee_DenonDJ is not a part of the Denon Dj team anymore. Try @AIRVince

Best regards Kim


I’m sorry, we’re not currently accepting any more applications for the beta. We are working on bringing the full release out as soon as we can.


Important question to @AIRVince and the Denon DJ Staff… Is it possible to release Firmware 2.0 until August 1st? Please provide us with informations within short time ranges (daily or no later than every three days)

I hope the marketing guys and product owners force to that date. In my point of view, this would be an acceptable deadline, where you have 14 days left to make social media campaigning to make MCX8000 users more happy.

You might know there are at least 4 different competiting controllers in the same or lower price range out there :wink:

It would also be some kind of a big bang, if you also officially support Traktor DJ with Firmware 2.0 and make the tsi for it downloadable :slight_smile:


What a rubbish dreamy cloud-cuckoo land ideas.

Firmwares is ready when it is ready. If it is released to a forced a date schedule then it is premature and comes out wrong or with bugs.

And anyways how would “force” work? Chaining of the firmware writers to desks? Or ransom their families to get hasten work out from them? It is ludicrous to force software. Bugs and delays are always . Look at Microsoft, or Apple and if it’s alright and acceptable for them, thens no one else has anything to prove.

It is more important to have it right than at a pretty date on a calendar. Also the more time they make the firmware writers look at the mcx8000 then the lesser time the firmware writers can look at Prime SC5000 and X1800.

  • Engine 1.5 is buggy on Win10 (crashes at every analyzing run). With the actual beta (which works fine for me so far), there would be at least the possibility to use the more stable Engine Prime software. :slight_smile:

  • BTW: I have been developing software since more than 10 years and keep my knowledge on digital leadership and engineering up to date (depending on needs and chances). Therefore I can act realistic. Dirty campaigning and outdated leadership philosophies (like models for product life cycle, obsolescence) are nothing acceptable for me. My opinions and analyzes are stable with a clear set of skills and personal insights in various aspects. Short update cycles will empower customer’s acceptance (including positive marketing effects) and participation of users in development (mainly ticketing and feature discussions) are making products better, so that sales can increase and costs can be reduced. One of the best examples for this is in my point of view the company Red Hat (Denon DJ and inMusic could learn a lot out of this). So there is nothing to feel offended. :wink: just act friendly and cooperative! :smiley:


Please, hurry up with the release or if you can send the the beta, I really need it. Thanks.


Me too, come on dennon it’s been a while. I need the update to stop traveling around with my computer. Please.